Repositories, Repositories, and Repositories

I have been working recently with as they are free and are from Atlassian. In my mind, they have previously been the company that made all kinds of project and software development industry software. I hadn’t given any of their software much thought other than JIRA. Their software previously struck me as being ugly and when I say ugly I mean one step beyond a terminal GUI. I will admit that I was wrong. Now I am inspired to do a shakedown on the good the bad and the ugly with online repositories.

Mobile Application Testing

I was excited to hear that google would bring a freemium version of Appurify to the Android and Google developer tools, but while I wait I am investigating other services that provide similar tools and services for testing. What levels of testing should be an occurring unit, device, and UI? What else should I be testing? These are all good questions in a relatively new development world. Of course, many things will be dependent on your application dependencies, function, and target hardware. The diversity available of version and devices it is enough to make your head spin, even if you use a testing service. I do like the apple model but even it presents enough issues with rapid iterations of hardware.

Android Permissions

Recently I had released an app into the Google Play Store. The app was a simple flashlight. When my brother called me up and said hey it is asking if it can use my camera and access the Internet. I was immediately ready to say you’re right why are you calling me. Then the whole problem dawned on me. My brother had no reason to understand why this application would need to access the Internet. The app is ad-supported which would explain why the app needs access to a network. This eventually got me thinking, he was better than most because he noticed what that app was trying to access. After this discussion, I decided to write a tutorial on android security and post it to the Principles of Tech website. I will post the URL to the article once I have completed it.

Change of Direction

I have decided to change direction with this blog. Previously I had been posting various little clips I found around the Internet but now I have decided to take a focused approach to the various projects I am working on and to post ideas that may or may not make it into the real world. My first project I am working on is the launch of a new technical blog called Principles of Tech ( I hope to launch with my wife and her friend a new cooking blog on whole foods cooking. I also have a few new Android and OS projects going.